Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Class
This class is for students who have taken the Basic Pistol Class or for those who have extensive knowledge of how to operate a handgun by exhibiting proper safety and knowledge. Do not sign up for this class if you have zero experience.

This class covers the following:
Firearm Safety
Safe Firearm Storage
Pistol Mechanisms & Operation of Semi-Automatic Pistols and Revolvers
How to Properly Load & Unload Firearms
Proper Pistol Shooting Techniques
Where You Can & Can’t Carry
Concealed Carry Misconceptions
Mental Preparation
Violent Encounters & the Aftermath
The Use of Deadly Force
Castle Doctrine
Defense of Premise
Defense of Property
Common Questions & Answers

Upon completing this class, each student will receive a certificate that can be used to apply for a concealed carry permit with the Sheriff’s Office in the state of Colorado. The certificate is good for ten years after completing the class.

Private classes are available for more information please email or text (719) 445-6638 for more info.

All sales are final, and no refunds will be given. For more info, please view the refund policy.

*The topics and advice covered in this class is not legal advice.

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