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What people are saying!

Heather Cates


 I had one of the best experiences with Ava, taking her class and also range time. She was very knowledgeable and respectful. She helped me so much with my confidence and with my concealed carry. I was very happy to have found her to help me understand the works of my gun. I would recommend her to everyone that is interested in buying a gun and with classes that she provides.

Amy Lieu


I attended a concealed handgun permit course with Ava. It was an intimate class size and safely socially distanced. Ava is obviously very knowledgeable. She ensured participants could ask questions and opened a direct line if we had any questions after the course. HIGHLY recommend!

Ali Allred


Ava was a great instructor and explained everything thoroughly. The class was a stress-free experience and I learned lots about safety and different laws. I’d highly recommend this business to anyone looking to take a class to get a concealed carry or any other gun related training. 5/5

Debra Logan


Before my training class, I was terrified of guns. Never fired one in my life. Ava was an amazing trainer. She went over everything with me. By the time my class was over with, she had me hitting bullseyes at the gun range. Thank you Ava. You gave me the confidence and training to be a gun owner.

R Schloss


Excellent course. Most of us were brand new to shooting and Ava did a great job putting everyone at ease in the classroom with her sense of humor and humble nature. Ava was great at figuring out what I needed to work on when shooting so that I would hit the target accurately.

Mycole Eversole


 When I got started on what I’ll call my “being a responsibly armed citizen” journey I fully immersed myself: watching hours of videos online, signing up for martial arts classes, talking to other gun owners, taking lessons from someone who is former CIA, getting resources from the USCCA, taking first aid classes, etc. and I can say that Ava is an AMAZING instructor who knows her stuff. Anyone looking to get lessons or take a class for their concealed carry permit like I did, should SERIOUSLY consider taking her class above all others.

Will Robbins


The course for concealed carry is very thorough but easy to follow and understand. The trainer Ava was absolutely wonderful. Very VERY knowledgeable about firearms and more. I definitely recommend this course and any other she offers, she knows her stuff.

Chalston Somers


Ava was great and really informative, I was coming from Denver to attend the concealed carry class called ahead to inform my tardiness and she was really understanding. Great sense of humor and can really carry the class to keep you interested. 10 out of 10 would recommend this class and instructor.

Chris Kiefer


Went to Ava’s Concealed Carry Class this morning. Wonderful experience. Ava was great. She has professional skills and knowledge of firearms and firearm laws. Highly recommend this Instructor / class to anyone interested in a Concealed Carry permit.

Greg Garnier


I found Ava’s class to be very informative and concise. The class gave me a multitude of information: everything from A to Z – a total of 29 topics were covered. There were also visual aids and an exceptional handout of materials to take with you. Ava covers Basic Pistol + Concealed Carry as it applies to Colorado and also how this concept carries over to other counties, cities and even other states. I feel much more self assured now after having been through the course. Highly recommend to not only beginners but experienced firearm owners as well who want to be updated and refreshed on firearm safety and current laws. This class carries a certificate at the conclusion.

Gary Weston


Just completed by concealed weapons class with Ava. She is extremely knowledgeable and a great instructor. Explained any questions or concerns with ease. Highly recommend if you are getting started like me or a seasoned veteran.

Irene Valencia


Ava is an awesome trainer! Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She made me feel comfortable and not like an idiot. Her patients was tops. I plan on taking more courses with her.
I learned a lot and also realized how much I aready know.
Thank you for the confidence boost! I feel more comfortable handling my firearm now.