Basic Pistol & Concealed Carry

This class combines the Basic Pistol and Concealed Carry Class into one class. The cost is $95 per person ($165 value).

This class will cover the following:

Firearm safety
Safe firearm storage
Pistol mechanism & operation of semi-automatic pistols and revolvers
How to properly load/unload firearms
Ammunition fundamentals
Proper pistol shooting skills, shooting positions, & common shooting errors
Clearing pistol stoppages
Pistol maintenance, selection & use
Where you can and cannot carry
Conceal carry dos and don’ts
Mental preparation
Violent encounters and the aftermath
The use of deadly force
Common questions & answers

Range time is NOT included. If you would like to schedule a time to shoot, the cost is an additional $30 and it takes place at a separate facility.

If you have questions about your firearm, feel free to bring it to the class. Live ammunition is not permitted in the building where the classroom is located.  

Interested in having a private class with family and friends? Groups five or more can do so! Contact Elite Firearms to set up a date. For any questions, please email or call (719) 445-6638.

Any of the above information discussed in class is solely a general discussion and should not be considered as giving legal advice.

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