What do you get that special person who loves firearms? Many have realized that it’s not a very good idea to buy someone a gun unless they know exactly what that person wants. To start, just because it feels great in your hands and shoots well, doesn’t mean it will work for them. Plus, depending on what your state gun laws are, it can be a bit of a hassle to buy someone a firearm. You don’t want to make an expensive mistake. Don’t stress, though, there’s plenty of other options. Unlike those awful articles that suggest you buy them a gun powder scented candle or cartridge ice cube trays, this list includes items for those who use firearms.

Any firearms instructor will tell you that the more ammunition your gun can hold, the better. Unfortunately, our favorite concealed carry firearms come with magazines that only hold an average of six to eight rounds. That’s why every gun owner could use a Hyve Technologies base plate. These base plates add one to two extra rounds, they range in price from $20-$30, and come in a variety of colors. The only downfall is the base plates are only made for Glock and Smith & Wesson handguns, but hopefully, this changes over time., Find out if they have the model you need at https://hyvetechnologiesbuilder.com/.

Do they collect tactical patches? In the firearm industry, patches have become increasingly popular. Many people have dedicated patch walls that display their collections, or they might own hats and apparel that are designed to add and remove patches of their choice. You can get that special someone a few patches from places like Moe Guns at https://www.moeguns.com/, or you can sign them up for a subscription to receive a patch each month from Patriot Patch Co. at https://patriotpatch.co/.

Do you hate having to spend money on the bare necessities, like toilet paper? Well similarly, any shooter hates spending money on ammunition. Not only are firearms expensive, but feeding that hobby adds up rapidly when you’re an avid shooter. That’s why getting him or her calibers that they shoot is a no brainer. Ammo never expires, and you can never have too much. Visit a nearby gun store and support local. Just be sure to get the correct caliber.

Range passes and memberships are similar to ammunition – every shooter uses them, but we all hate paying for them. It’s a necessity, though. Wouldn’t you hate to spend a ton of money on a firearm and now you can barely afford to shoot it? Help your special someone out by purchasing them range passes or getting them a membership at a local range. Find out what range(s) they frequent the most. If they don’t have a range that they go to, do an online search. Be sure to check out the facility in person, as well as read user reviews online to ensure it has a good reputation for being a safe place to go.

Regardless of experience, one can never have too much training, especially when it can save your life. Often however, shooters do not take the time or want to spend the money doing so. That’s why gift certificates for a training class will always be a much-appreciated gift. Classes can range from beginner to advanced. It’s important that you do your research before booking classes. Read customer reviews, check the instructor’s credentials, and find out how long they’ve been teaching for. Unfortunately, just because they’re certified, does not mean they’re very qualified.

For the rifle and shotgun enthusiasts, get them “The Gun Tool,” made by the Real Avid, which features eighteen of the most frequently used tools all in one handy device. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for gun lovers which can be found at https://www.realavid.com/. Another handy, similar device, is the Pocket Tools that Leatherman makes. All of the tools vary in design, making them useful for everyday tasks. They also vary in price from $5-$55, making this a gift anyone can afford! Check out https://www.leatherman.com/pockettools.

You know what everyone usually forgets in their range bag or vehicle? A medical kit. Many of us are familiar with First Aid kits and happen to own one, but most of these kits aren’t equipped with the tools necessary to save a life. Skinny Medic, a well-known medical educator, makes a variety of different kits that will suit any need. His kits include items such as tourniquets, trauma dressing, EMT shears, compression gauze, airway tubes, and other lifesaving devices. All of his kits can be found at https://shop.skinnymedic.com/main.sc.

Shooting at paper targets can get boring after a while, and often it doesn’t prepare you for real life scenarios. You can try your best to envision that you’re protecting yourself against an attacker, but those paper targets make it less than ideal. This is why any gun enthusiast would appreciate a target from “Rubber Dummies” to practice with. They’re life-size, 3D, self-healing, and can take thousands of hits from calibers ranging from .22lr to 50BMG, to buck shot. A starter kit includes one dummy, one stand, and a few accessories for just $199. Find it here at https://rubberdummies.myshopify.com/.

If that special someone has a firearm with a threaded barrel, Backup Tactical makes some awesome threaded barrel covers that are available in many sizes and colors. They even make them for .223/5.56 now! Some designs include the Honeycomb, Lone Star, Muddy Girl Camo, Semper Fi, American Flag, Molon Labe, Punisher Skull and so on. It’s the perfect gift for those who want to add a little extra flair to their gun, but also protect what they have. You can order them at https://backuptactical.com/ for just $29.99.

Have you ever seen those videos where a shooter loads their handgun with one hand by racking the slide back with their belt, shoe, table, etc. to load a round? Chances are they were using a Tac Rack. Wright Shooting makes a component known as a Tac Rack, which replaces the pistol’s end cap with a horizontal bar that protrudes slightly farther than the gun, allowing the shooter to manipulate the gun when racking the slide, reloading, and clearing malfunctions. It’s a great tool to have and use for practice. Plus, no one ever said that planning for the worst was a bad idea. You can find them at https://www.wrightshooting.com/ for just $29.99.

Talking about planning for worst case scenarios, what if you have both hands available, but they’re sweaty from adrenaline, or perhaps even blood; You’ll struggle to reload your firearm or clear malfunctions. ArachniGRIP, a company here in Colorado, has created a type of grip tape, known as the Slide Spider, that fits nicely in between the grooves located on the back of the slide. They’re model specific, so be sure to get the exact model you need. For $19.95, it would be silly not to get one for all of your firearms at https://www.arachnigrip.com/.

So, skip buying them a gun that they may or may not like, and get them something any gun owner would use. With this many products and recommendations, you’re bound to find a unique gift that will more than impress. If for any reason you’re unsure of calibers, gun models, or sizing, do not hesitate to ask for help. All of these companies have excellent customer service. Good luck and happy shopping!