Is Elite Firearms & Training a store front?

No, it is not. Elite is located in an office building and hours are by appointment only.

In what year was Elite Firearms & Training founded?
Who will be teaching the classes?

An NRA certified firearms instructor.

Where are classes taught?


Classes are taught at one of DCF Gun’s three locations in Colorado Springs or Castle Rock. 

Is the classroom handicap accessible?

Yes. The classroom is handicap accessible.

What should I bring to class?


If you’re taking the concealed carry or basic pistol and concealed carry class, you do not need to bring anything. If you have questions about your firearm, feel free to bring it. Range time is not included in these classes and live ammo is not permitted in the classroom.


If you’re taking the basic pistol class, please wear a high neck shirt and closed toe shoes. Additionally, you’ll want to bring your firearm, at least 50rds of ammo, clear eye protection and ear pro in the form of ear muffs. Range time takes place at an indoor range and it can be loud when shooting.


For all other classes, please contact the instructor if you haven’t been told what to bring. 

What should I bring to the range?
You will need to bring your firearm (if you do not have one, you can rent one for the cost of $10 + the cost of ammunition) and at least 50rds of ammunition. You will also need to bring ear and eye protection. If range time takes place at an indoor range, earmuffs are recommended due to the volume increase. Ear foam protection is allowed for outdoor ranges. Safety glasses and earplugs are available for purchase. Please notify the instructor before going to the range if you need to purchase these items.
Is there a dress code on the range?
During the hot summer months, please do not wear low cut shirts/tanks or open toe shoes in order to avoid injuries caused by the potential of hot brass casings flying back at the shooter. Sunscreen, a ball cap, and water bottle are also strongly advised if range time is outdoors.

During the cold winter months, please be sure to bundle up to ensure you stay warm and focused. A warm coat, earmuffs, scarf, and warm shoes should be worn. Gloves are strongly advised so that shooters may wear them in between breaks. Please note however, range time during the winter months usually take place at an indoor, temperature controlled, range.

What types of payment does Elite Firearms & Training accept?

Visa, Discover, and MasterCard are accepted. American Express and personal checks are NOT accepted.

Why isn't my payment going through online?

Elite does not accept American Express credit cards. If you attempt to pay with American Express, your purchase will be declined. Additionally, if you’re billing address, zip code, or name on your card do not match up, this will result in a decline as well. Lastly, some banks have fraud protection. Please be sure to check with your bank to ensure they’re allowing the payment to go through. Please keep in mind that if your card gets declined and shows up on your bank activity, it will not process. This activity will disappear from your transactions within 24hrs. Your card does not get charged unless your transaction is approved. 

What are the criteria to get a concealed carry permit?
  • Must be 21 years of age or older at the time of the application
  • Be a resident of El Paso County (active military stationed in El Paso County qualify as residents with a Military ID and Duty Orders)
  • Provide a valid Colorado Driver’s License, Colorado ID or a Military ID and active duty orders
  • Submit proof of firearms training within the last ten years
  • Successfully complete a background investigation
If I meet the above criteria, how can I get my concealed carry permit?

1). You will need an original certificate of firearms training issued within the last ten years from:

  • NRA instructor
  • Hunter’s Safety Course
  • Proof of organized shooting competitions
  • DD2-14
  • Active Duty Orders

2). Call the Sheriff’s Office to make an appointment. The number is 719-520-7249.

3). Print out the application found online at:

Fill out the entire application, EXCEPT for the signature portion. This will be signed at the Sherriff’s office.

4) Attend your appointment with the Sherriff’s Office. This visit will include a background check, fingerprints, and photo. Be sure to bring your original certificate of firearm training, driver’s license, state ID, or military ID with active duty orders, and $112.50 (in two increments of $52.50 and $60.00, payable in cash, personal check, money order, or cashier’s check).

5). Wait three months for your concealed carry permit to arrive in the mail. This permit is valid for five years. In order to renew, please visit:

Where is the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office located?
27 East Vermijo Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Does Elite do firearms transfers?
In most cases, no, however you can email to confirm.
If I filled out a background check in the past, am I required to do so again?

Yes. Every firearm purchase requires a background check. This also applies to those who hold a concealed carry permit.

What do I need to bring with me in order to submit my background check?
Residents of Colorado must bring a valid driver’s license or state ID. If you are active duty, please bring your orders that state you are stationed in CO, along with your state ID or driver’s license.
What if I lose my certificate?
Replacement certificates are available upon request for verified students for $10.
What if I don't use my legal name for the certificate?
The sheriff’s office will not process your application and replacement certificates are provided at a cost of $10.
If I have any questions, how can I contact Elite Firearms & Training?



You can reach Ava seven days a week via email at or by phone/text at (719) 445-6638. All messages will be returned within one business day.