Elite Firearms & Training teaches all types of classes, but many refer to these classes by different names, which prevents those who do searches online from finding Elite. As a result, many people might be searching for the following:


Colorado Gun Classes

Weapons Training

CCW Classes

Colorado Shooting Training

Handgun Safety Course

Defensive Handgun Training

Local Gun Safety Class

Handgun Safety Class

Firearm Class

Youth Safety Class

NRA Firearm Courses

CCW Permit Class

Gun Classes


Elite offers all of the following classes, and feels confident training all skill levels. Whatever it is you’re looking for, look no further. All classes can be modified to fit your needs. Elite also does private firearm classes and instruction, as well as for private groups. These classes can be booked when it’s convenient for you.


Please give Ava Flanell, owner and lead instructor, a call at (719) 445-6638 or email her at info@elitefirearmsandtraining.com.


See you soon!!