Fellow Citizens of Colorado,

The “Assault Weapons” ban is back and will be heard next week. This measure goes beyond targeting stereotypical semi-automatic rifles, such as AR-15 and AK-47 platforms; it also seeks to prohibit many common semi-automatic pistols, shotguns, triggers, etc. and will make it illegal for Coloradans to purchase any of these firearms in other states.

HB23-1230, otherwise known as the “Assault Weapons” Ban, will prohibit current owners of these types of firearms from transfer of ownership or possession, and with a slight change of language, a one-word amendment in this committee could also prohibit existing ownership altogether. This bill is clearly unconstitutional, however considering recent bills passed, your elected Colorado Legislature has a significant disregard for your constitutional rights, and has every intent of passing this bill, which is why we need everyone’s help to stop this.

HB23-1230 is scheduled to be heard in the House Judicial Committee next week, Wednesday, April 19th at 9:30AM at the Old State Library in Denver, CO. We need as many people to testify against this bill as possible. You can do this in person or virtually over Zoom. If you can’t do either, a written testimony can be submitted as well. It won’t get read, but it will be documented and help in our favor.

We understand that it is asking a lot of you to take time away from your careers and families to show up to the Capitol. We also understand that this is short notice. The system is designed to be abrupt, inconvenient and impose on your daily life so that you will not appear, you will not resist, and you will not participate in your right to oppose these absurd efforts to disarm Colorado. This is exactly why it is so important that you show up.



Select “Remote Testimony” or “Testify in Person” (or “Submit Written Testimony” if you absolutely can’t do it in person)

Select “By Committee and Hearing Item” –

Committee Name: House Judiciary

Meeting Date and Time: 04/19/2023 9:30AM

Hearing Item: House Judiciary HB23-1230

Next, fill out your personal info and select “Sign Up.” Be advised, the name given will be read in committee and your email used here will be the email to which your login link to watch and testify will be sent to, therefore be sure you have access to this email.

More about the bill:



You will be given 2 minutes to speak. Keep your points valid and direct. Your perspective and personal stories matter. You can also take notes and do research as the hearing is in progress if you hear your points already addressed. We advise you to write down what you’d like to say, which you can be read out loud when testifying.

These committee hearings can carry on for hours, be prepared to wait.


Please show up dressed professionally and without shirts lobbying for certain political groups. These hearings do not have breaks. We highly advise you bring water, snacks, an extra phone charger, paper, pen, laptop, and anything else you might need.


200 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80203

Entrance is north side Colfax and Sherman Ave.

Handicap accessible entrance is located on ground level, 14th and Sherman Ave. under the stairs.

Room: ‘Old State Library’ room – 2nd floor of Capitol, to your right as you exit the elevators.

There will be placards outside the room to denote the bills being heard in that room. SB23-1230


You can download the SPOT HERO app and find a parking lot to book beforehand for more cost-effective parking. There are meters and lots around the area, plan on having cash and card in hand just in case. Handicap persons can park with handicap placards at meters for the day without paying. Do not park at metered spots unless you want a ticket – hearings can last hours.


There will be metal detector screening for entrance into the capitol.


You’ll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link after you register to testify. Don’t lose this email. Click on that link before 9:30 AM on 04/19/23. When your name gets called, click on the bottom of the Zoom link that reads “raise hand.” You’ll then be put on the screen by the operator and once called on you can testify. Be sure you are in a location with adequate lighting, sound, and power to remain connected.

Please reach out to us if you need any pointers or tips on what to highlight. The main thing here is to show power in numbers and let the people and committee know you oppose this.

Pictures and videos are permitted. Feel free to post them wherever you want to educate people on what’s going on.

For more information on in person and remote testimony protocols: