Private Instruction



Private instruction classes are available upon request and are suitable for all experience levels. Perhaps you’ve never shot a firearm before and would like to have the instructor’s full attention and knowledge, or perhaps you’re an experienced shooter, but can’t seem to hit your target with the accuracy you’ve been hoping for.
There are many private instruction options available such as reaction time drills, drawing from your holster, scenarios, or honing your marksmanship by effectively implementing proper shooting techniques.

Call or text (719) 445-6638 or email to schedule a lesson.

Cost: $100 per 1.5 hours – which covers range fee and targets. (This does not include ammunition or firearm rental.)
Lessons take place at an indoor or outdoor range, depending on training.
Also, don’t forget to check out The Bullseye Guarantee Private Training Lesson. This class will guarantee to teach you the necessary skills to hit bullseyes.

All sales are final and no refunds will be given. For more info please see our refund policy.

Price is $100 per 1.5 hours. If you require more than 1.5 hours, please adjust quantity.

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