Parent/Child Firearm Safety

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Parent/Child Firearm Safety

This class is for a parent and child who have very little to no firearm experience and want to learn together. Whether you want to start a new hobby, take added steps to protect yourself and loved ones, or you want to exercise your second amendment rights, this class will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to build a solid foundation so that the idea of owning/shooting a firearm won’t be so intimidating and your child can learn safely with you.

This class discusses:

Firearm safety
Safe firearm storage
Pistol mechanism & operation of semi-automatic pistols and revolvers
How to properly load/unload firearms
Ammunition fundamentals
Proper pistol shooting skills, shooting positions, & common shooting errors
Clearing pistol stoppages
Pistol maintenance, selection & use

Students will then implement the shooting techniques and safety precautions taught in class by practicing with airguns.

The cost is a flat fee of $150 for a parent and child together. The cost covers the class material, airgun use, and targets. This class is 4 hours total.

There is no age minimum, but minors must be accompanied by an adult/guardian.

Live ammunition is not permitted in the building where the classroom is located.

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If you do not see a date that accommodates your schedule, please call or text (719) 445-6638 or email to set up something that does!

Interested in having a private class with family and friends? Groups five or more can do so! Contact Elite Firearms to set up a date. Classes are available seven days a week!