Gun Safety is our primary concern for gun owners. The gun safety classes we provide in Colorado Springs have been created and structured for all experience levels.

Elite Firearms & Training encourages students to take classes in order to learn the correct way of doing things, and to keep their skills and knowledge sharp so that accidents do not happen and so that you’ll be prepared to protect yourself if you have to.

Please see an overview of the Gun Safety Classes offered at our Colorado Springs location:

Click on the title of any gun safety class below to read the full description and for class dates.

Basic Pistol Class

This class is designed for beginners with little to no experience. All basic fundamentals of a semi-automatic and revolver will be covered, along with safety, ammunition, maintenance, selection, and shooting fundamentals.

Refuse To Be a Victim

This class teaches students how to avoid situations so that you do not become a victim to crime. It also addresses alternative methods of protection if you want to use something other than a firearm for protection.

Concealed Carry Class

Designed for those students that have either attended the beginner’s basic gun safety class or have extensive knowledge about the correct operation of a handgun. This gun safety class qualifies you for your concealed carry certificate to use when applying with the sheriff’s office.

Child Firearm Safety

The focus of this class is not to teach a child to use a firearm. Instead, this gun safety class is designed to give your child the knowledge necessary to make sure he or she will not touch a firearm without permission so that an accident will not happen.

Home Firearm Safety

This gun safety class will go over the various types of firearms such as rifle, shotgun, and many types of handguns like semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. Students will learn how to load and unload each firearm.

Personal Protection Inside The Home

This class teaches students how to protect themselves in the home, things to concern when doing so, and plans to enforce.

Personal Protection Outside The HomeĀ 

Students will learn how to protect themselves outside the home using avoidance tactics, and if needed, how to properly shoot in different scenarios.

Private Instruction

This is for students who prefer one-on-one instruction in the classroom or on the range. This class is designed for all experience levels.


For details about classes or info onĀ Gun Safety in Colorado Springs, call 719-445-6638.