Concealed Carry in Colorado Springs –¬†classes available locally. Elite Firearms & Training’s Concealed Carry Class qualifies you to apply for your concealed carry permit with the local Sheriff’s office.

For a description of the concealed carry class, please click here.

For $10 more, Elite Firearms & Training offers a combination class that combines the Basic Pistol and Concealed Carry Class into one day. This class is a $185 value for only $95, and is prefect for all experience levels. This class will teach you how to operate a firearm, safety rules that must always be implemented, shooting fundamentals, the mechanisms and inner workings of a firearm, ammunition, and maintenance and care of a firearm. In addition, students will then learn the laws of deadly force, which is imperative to know even if you do not plan to obtain your concealed carry license. For a description of this combination class, please click here.

In order to view the calendar of events, scroll down midway on the homepage. If you do not find a class of your choice that fits your schedule, please contact Ava at (719) 445-6638.